Information Management Enabling Infra-Tech

The process of best practice information management within infrastructure is commonly referred to as Building Information Modelling (BIM).

BIM is the process of accurately creating, managing and exchanging digital information within the built environment. It is creating a new capability – focussed on data and technology - for improving infrastructure performance.


Why is BIM so Important for Infrastructure Technologies?

The adoption of BIM will provide the platform upon which the full value of new infrastructure technologies can be realised. New infrastructure technologies will:-

  1. Create huge amounts of information.
  2. Enable the analysis and derive insight from greater levels of information.
  3. Support the hosting and management of information in collaborative platforms. 
  4. Automate learning and reporting of information.

BIM will provide the platform upon which information is managed and structured correctly and enable new infrastructure technologies to interface with this information ecosytem effectively.  


The BIM Programme in Scotland

The public sector BIM programme in Scotland is led by the Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) and has delivered new tools, guidance and policy on behalf of Scottish Government. SFT chair the BIM Delivery Group for Scotland who continue to support the adoption of BIM within Scotland. The information video provides an overview of our work. 


The work of the BIM Delivery Group for Scotland and all the tools and guidance can be found on the BIM Guidance Portal.