We believe technology will change, disrupt and ultimately improve how we plan, invest, deliver and manage our infrastructure. However, don't just take our word for it! Please review the case studies and research below showcasing how technology has and will effect our infrastructure.

Case Studies

Infrastructure technology and information management processes continue to grow across Scotland. We are developing new case studies to support SME industry partners and organisations. Please use the map below to search our current library of case studies, research and organisations involved within infrastructure technology:-





IoT for Social Infrastructure 


Understanding how our social infrastructure (schools, hospitals, public buildings, housing) performs in real-time will provide unprecedented opportunities to increase efficiencies and improve the wellbeing of users while reducing energy and carbon emissions. Secure IoT solutions can provide new capabilities to connect our physical buildings to digital models and analytical tools. 

GIRI Technology Research Report


This report focuses on the five topics identified by GIRI which are the principal areas in which technology can be used to eliminate error: Offsite Manufacture, Standardisation, Improved Construction Processes, Error-Minimising Components and Automation. The report summaries current technology utilisation related to error minimisation and recommends further investigation. 

Construction Technology Report 2019 NBS

Mapping the views, practices and adoption of new technologies across the industry.

Seizing oppurtunity in today's construction technology ecosystem McKinsey & Company

A new analysis of the construction technology ecosystem finds emerging trends, constellations of solutions, and an ever-increasing universe of technology use cases that are disrupting the way we plan, design, and execute projects.

Six technologies that are transforming infrastructure PWC Review of 6 key technologies changing infrastructure.
Digital Foundations: Solving the construction productivity puzzle
PlanGrid Exploring the link between technology and improved information management to improve the productivity of the construction industry.
INSIGHT #InfraTech is Here KPMG #InfraTech is here and in this latest edition of Insight Magazine we’re tackling some of the big questions now facing governments infrastructure owners, investors, developers and operators as we move into this era of unprecedented change and uncertainty.
The implications of future technological change for Scotland's Infrastructure Scottish Government The intention of the report is to illuminate the implications for Scotland’s infrastructure of technological change and innovation. This is one of the key strategic drivers for the infrastructure vision identified by the Commission.