Infratech in response to COVID 19

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought unprecendented challenges to the infrastructure sector. The immediate challenge is one of preventing loss of life. The measures imposed have had a significant impact in how we design, deliver and manage our assets and maintain a sustainable and prosperous industry. 

The consequence of these measures has resulted in increased remote working, closure of construction sites and operational assets. 

We believe that during this period of lockdown and future recovery, technologies can support industry and contracting authorities address these challenges. We have identified established and evolving technologies that can address these challenges and improve performance as we face a prolonged period of remote and safe working practice. 

Within the Technology Navigator, we have developed a dedicated section to identified ways in which technology can support the challenges presented by coronavirus for both contracting authorities and industry. Ultimately to maintain momentum within the sector and support social and economic performance. Examples within the navigator include:-

Performance Improvement


Improve remote collaboration & information sharing  Common Data Environments
Improve virtual stakeholder engagement via visual 3D models Digital Viewing Tools & Virtual Reality
Visual monitoring & progression surveys to support remote site inspections Reality Capture & progression documentation
Virtual transition of pupils moving to new school environment Reality Capture & Virtual Reality


Please select "Response to COVID-19" under the benefits section within the navigator for a full list of technologies or refine your search by stage or technology type.


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